DKNOG14 Wednesday Pre-social (self-paid)


On the evening before DKNOG14, we will arrange a pre-social in smaller groups. 

This is a great opportunity for those who are new to DKNOG to meet some friendly faces before coming to the main event, and a great opportunity for the veterans to meet industry new-comers.


We will book tables for around 8 people across Copenhagen and will assign randomly composed groups. There will be a Table Captain, who is familiar with DKNOG. If you have registered you will get an email around two days before the event with the name and location of the restaurant, time (around 7 p.m.), name and affiliation of the other members of your group and the contact details of the Table Captain. 


Please make sure to be on time and let us know in advance if you can not join. We will make sure to break up usual groups to give you the opportunity to meet new faces. 

Please be advised that the pre-social is self-paid, so please bring your wallet to pay for your dinner. We reserve the right to charge you the restaurant’s cancellation fee if you do not cancel before Tuesday, or do not show up - but much worse would be very small groups at too large tables who were looking forward to seeing you! 


This event format is proudly inspired by DENOG.

    • 7:00 PM 10:00 PM
      Pre-social dinner in smaller groups (self-paid) 3h