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5 Dec 2019

Announcing DKNOG10

Dear friend of DKNOG,
I realize that it is almost Christmas, and some of you are undoubtedly worried about not hearing anything about DKNOG10 yet.
Rest assured, DKNOG10 will happen, and it will happen at the time we promised; 12th to 13th of March 2020. Our event page is ready:
We can't tell you much about what will happen on this 10th anniversary yet, but as always, we depend on you, the community, when it comes to the important things: Content and funding. This is why I would like to direct your attention to the calls present on the page, namely, Call for Sponsorship, and Call for Presentations.
We are continuing with the format from last year, with 30 minute speaking slots, and we are open to lightning talks too.
If you have any thoughts or ideas regarding DKNOG10, I would be happy to hear from you, and until then, I would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday here in December.